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Employee Benefits

Scottsdale Insurance Group provides a complete suite of Benefits Administration services. From plan selection and enrollment, to payroll deductions and vendor payment, annual renewals, and ongoing customer service with claims support ‐ all from a team of dedicated and highly experienced benefits consultants. We provide personalized support to your company's employees and staff so that the entire process of is simplified and streamlined.

What Is Benefits Administration?

Employee benefit administration typically encompasses medical insurance, vacation time, maternity and sick leave, IRAs (individual retirement accounts) and pension plans, and so on. Such HR benefits keep track of employee details such as date of employment, family details, work hours, days of attendance, and so on. For managers and business owners these can be time-consuming, tedious, and complicated matters to keep track of. We take care of these employee benefit programs, saving you the hassle of keeping track of statutory requirements, filling forms and returns appropriately and on time. Our employee benefits services ensure that all these details are taken care of for you while you concentrate on the job of running and growing your business.

Our Benefits Administration systems provide the range of customized benefits services for your business such as

  • Employment Benefits
  • Health Care Benefits
  • Payroll Benefits
  • Federal Retirement Benefits

You can be confident that the options, plan designs, and pricing that Scottsdale Insurance Group provides its clients are the best on the market. The employment benefit rates we offer are often better than what many companies could get on their own.

Outsourced Benefits Administration and Other Services

Scottsdale Insurance Group offers a wide range of services such as staff benefits, outsourcing of payroll and benefits, and other human resource benefits to clients. You can choose from a package of bundled services or opt for a customized plan to suit the particular requirements of your business. Our team of experts is well versed and up to date which makes it possible for them to manage the administration of the benefits in the following manner:

  • An assigned benefits specialist to assist you every step of the way to make sure your company gets the attention you deserve
  • Unique plan designs and strategies for today's benefits market that keep up with any changes in legal requirements
  • Employee communication materials that increase participation of company employees and benefits companies as well
  • Help you incentivize healthy employees, driving down risks
  • Fast and efficient enrollment processing and concise enrollment reports
  • Accurate management of sensitive HIPAA information
  • Legislative updates
  • Model plan documents
  • Administration manual
  • Complete COBRA administration services ( COBRA compliance, an often complex and time consuming compliance that is a part of legally required responsibilities of employers)

Why Benefits Administration Companies Are a Good Idea

Outsourcing the creation and/or management of employee benefits can be a huge load off your mind. Not only do the experts tell you all about what needs to be done, our benefits specialist will assist you and ensure that your company's Benefits Administration is done right and on time.