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Home Insurance

Purchasing a home in Arizona is wonderful. Although, it is a challenging feat to accomplish.

Let the professionals at Scottsdale Insurance Group make the home insurance aspect of the process easy. We cater to new and old homeowners who need to secure insurance in order to close on their home as well as the seasoned homeowner who is looking for a better value for their home insurance resources.

We serve homeowners all over the state of Arizona. The difference you will note with our company is that we are here to answer any and all questions you may have about a home insurance policy.

Did you know that the state of Arizona requires you have:

Dwelling and Personal Property Insurance- as part of a basic home owners policy this covers the structure of your home, any other structures that may be on your property such as a garage or shed, as well as the items that belong to you and your family members who reside in the home.

Personal Liability Insurance- in the state of Arizona, this coverage is part of a basic homeowners policy. It is important to know that it covers damages that may occur to others on your property. This is a great advantage for worrisome homeowners. There will be little concern when knowing that any accident could be covered.

Medical Payments- with no regard to who is at fault, this arm of your basic home insurance policy will cover medical payments for anyone involved in an accident on your property.

Additional Living Expenses- the last portion of your basic policy includes coverage for alternative living accommodations you may need while your home is undergoing a repair of a covered accident, incident, or occurrence.

To learn more about the home insurance protection needed for you, your family, and your home, reach out to an agent at Scottsdale Insurance Group. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on your home and auto insurance policies.